Are there hard and fast rules for dating

Many people yearn for good relationships but if you make the wrong move some relationships can turn into traumatic experience. Whether you are looking for fun or lasting relationship, there are some do’s and don’ts that can help you improve your success in Dating.  These rules may be regarded as classic or timeless, but even with the changes in the dating scene, they are still applicable to the present day.

First on the list of do’s in a date is to chill and have fun. You need to realize that you do not gun for a serious relationship right away. In fact Dating is simply sharing a fun experience with someone. Thus it is very important to make sure to find that activity that you both will like, and can have a pleasant experience together. At the onset you already feel uneasy and down, then you can opt out instead of wasting both your time and energy. However, if you feel excited and anticipate a fun date, then by all means make sure to present yourself in a clean and presentable manner. Needless to say make sure to take a good bath, and wear something appropriate for the occasion.  And once you meet your date, do not forget to complement her, that is she is really worth complimenting. One full-proof tip to a successful date is to focus on your date, including her interests and good points. However, keep it natural and organic, since your date may be able to read if you are just pulling her leg or you are really sincere with your compliments.

Which brings us to the don’ts in dating. First thing to remember is never lie to your date. While it is advised to compliment your date, these commendations need to come from the heart and not just lip service.

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